Nihon Kohden is the number one supplier of medical electronic equipment to Japan and one of the leaders in medical device design and manufacturing in the world. Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nihon Kohden, with its 5,000 employees, tirelessly pursues to deliver medical technology innovations and high-quality medical products worldwide. 

Nihon Kohden OrangeMed Inc. is a part of the Nihon Kohden family. We are a medical device technology development team and manufacturer located in sunny Southern California. Nihon Kohden OrangeMed focuses on research and development of innovative and state-of-art medical devices and solutions that complement the full range of Nihon Kohden's leading hardware and software technologies, including patient monitoring systems and various other medical devices. We are interested in nothing but the highest skilled talents, designing and producing top-quality products, and driving forward with the best efficiency in providing medical technology solutions for our customers.

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